Jacket Indecision

If you know me well, you know that I sometimes have trouble being decisive. I’m struggling to make a sewing decision right now. I’m planning to use the fabric below to make a jacket. It’s a wool, silk blend with a tan and blue herringbone background and red stripes. It’s a gorgeous fabric and I want the final piece to be worthy of it. I’ve narrowed my jacket choices down to two. Maybe you can help me decide?

Choice A is a classic-looking Chanel style jacket.

Choice B is this Simplicity jacket (view E) with raglan sleeves and sleek lapels.

Let me know which pattern you think fits the fabric best in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Jacket Indecision

  1. Gorgeous fabric – could not see the Simplicity Jacket but the pink one is a fabulous style. I´m sure whatever you make will be amazing now that you have all the expeirence of makinmg the Labour of Love Jacket under your belt!

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