Hello Summer!

Summer is here! For me, the arrival of summer means it’s time to catch up on the sewing that during the school year I only have time to dream about. This is the kind of to-do list that I look forward to making and tackling! Here’s a glimpse at what’s on my summer sewing agenda:

1. Catch up on blogging. I have at least four posts to write for projects that I completed during May and didn’t have time to photograph or write about. Among those projects are two versions of Colette Patterns’ new Laurel, the veil I made for my sister’s wedding and my projects from TGIT at Urban Threads Studio.

2. Finish UFOs (unfinished objects) from the past year. I have a pair of breezy linen pants that I didn’t bother to finish once cool weather set in last fall. These should take me no more than one afternoon to finish up. I also have a tweed Chanel-style jacket that has been languishing for over a year because I have been a little intimidated by the project. It’s time now to dive into that project and face my sewing fears. (I’m not really afraid of the project, but it’s the kind of project that I don’t want to rush.)

3. Home sewing projects. I have a few home sewing projects that I want to complete this summer. First up is a set of cushions for my wooden rocking chair. After that I would like to make some kitchen items like dish towels, oven mitts and produce bags. My mom has also requested some pillows to match her living room curtains.

4. Dresses! It seems like there is always a dress I want to make and I have at least three in mind right now. The three I have in mind span from a casual sundress to a somewhat fancy party dress. I have fabric and a pattern picked out and purchased for the fancy dress, but no fabrics chosen for the others. That’s bound to change soon though.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go with this post. Hopefully describing my own summer sewing plans has given you a good mental picture of what you hope to accomplish this summer. I’d love to hear what you have planned!

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