About Fresa

About the Name
I decided to name this little site after my first sewing project. I made a drawstring bag out of strawberry printed quilting cotton when I was 10 years old and working on my first 4-H project. My mom and my grandma helped me measure, cut and sew this simple bag. Little did they know that this project was a spark that would light a fire. I thought it appropriate to give my blog a name that related back to my first experiences with a sewing machine. The name “fresa” also ties my present with my past. In my offline life, I’m a Spanish teacher (in addition to being a wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc.). As you may have guessed, “fresa” means strawberry in Spanish.

About the Content
You’re likely to find posts about fabric, patterns, techniques, finished projects and other sewing-related topics. I’ll try to give you some information that might be just as useful in your sewing room as in mine. Even though the teacher in me wants to help you learn something new, I also hope you’ll just sit back and enjoy what you read. And just for variety’s sake, you might get a recipe or a knitting post because I like those activities too. This is my creative home online. I hope you’ll make yourself comfortable here.


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