Corduroy Chevron Skirt

I’ve completed another piece of my 2012 Transition Wardrobe. It’s a navy blue corduroy skirt that plays with the direction of the cords as part of the design and forms a subtle chevron in the center front and back. This is my first time using the fabric’s direction as a design element, and I think it has been mostly successful. (The photo below is a good example of how the nap of the fabric affects how light hits the fabric and changes its appearance. It makes the chevron affect more visible in this fabric, actually.)

I cut the main front and back pieces on the bias, whereas I cut the waistband and hem band on the straight grain. The way the fabric lays on the bias makes the back of the skirt lay a little funny, but it’s something I can live with. Mostly, I just wonder whether a different fabric would behave the same way or if this is something particular to the corduroy fabric I used.

Design/Pattern: I adapted the Meringue skirt pattern from the Colette Sewing Handbook. I did a lot of adapting–my finished skirt doesn’t look much like the original design! I used this pattern as my template because I was confident that the pattern was well made, the fit would be good and that the instructions would be easy to adapt to my design.


  • blue stretch corduroy
  • interfacing
  • invisible zipper
  • thread


  • mock flat-fell seams (tutorial here)
  • stitched in the ditch to finish hem band
  • inserted invisible zipper using invisible zipper foot
  • top stitched

Alterations/Changes: These are the changes I made to the Meringue skirt pattern.

  • Added center-front and center-back seam allowances
  • Cut skirt front & back on the bias
  • Omitted the scalloped hem
  • Added a waistband and omitted the facings by using this tutorial
  • Sewed the waistband by following this tutorial
  • Added a horizontal band at the hem

This skirt is a B+, I think. It gets high marks for the attention to detail (the directional design and top stitching). This skirt will also fit really well into my existing wardrobe. It will be easy to find tops to wear with this skirt. The overall skirt has a lot of positive attributes, but I can’t completely ignore the funny way it lays in the back. I am pleased with final result and the sewing process was also pleasant. It was enjoyable to focus on the finer details, without having to worry about too much complexity.

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