Simple White Tee

This week is Spring Break, so I’m taking advantage of my free time by catching up on my 2012 Transition Wardrobe. I’ve talked a little bit about my color palette and inspiration and I’ve posted about the first finished project. My second completed garment is a very simple t-shirt with kimono sleeves. It’s just a basic wardrobe piece, but it will help to complete other outfits I’m planning.

I drafted the simple pattern myself by simply tracing a sweater with a similar shape. It might now be my go-to t-shirt pattern because it was such a snap to make. There are no sleeves to worry about attaching and the neckline is finished with a narrow facing on the inside. I know it’s not typical to see a facing used on a knit t-shirt, but I have a couple that are finished with a facing that I really like. I mimicked this style because I like the finished look and I thought it would be an easy method. I was right on both counts.

Design/Pattern: My own design, based on a store-bought sweater

Materials: White cotton/bamboo knit, knit fusible interfacing.



  • Serged side and shoulder seams
  • Faced neckline
  • Zig-zag stitched hems

Alterations/Changes: (for next time)

  • Widen sleeves just a bit

It’s hard to get too excited about a simple, white tee, but I’m happy with the result. I’m going to give this shirt a B. It completely met my expectations, but it’s nothing special on its own. I don’t think this necessarily diminishes its value though. The real prize here is the new pattern I’ve drafted that will get a lot of use now that I have a serger to use.

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