Easy Mending

Do you ever mend your clothes? I have to admit that, even though mending is usually pretty easily done, it’s not one of my favorite sewing related tasks. It just lacks the excitement of starting with a fresh piece of cloth and creating something new from it. However, I think mending is generally worth the small time investment and can save a piece of clothing from the donate bin, rag pile or landfill.

I am going to be moving to a new place soon and have started the not-so-fun process of sorting through what will accompany us to our new home and what will not. I began with my closet and dresser. In the process, I found a couple items that needed mending. Neither of these pieces (a pair of leggings and a school t-shirt) are particularly important to me or my wardrobe, but I decided to fix the little holes because it seemed lazy for me not to fix them. I mean, all I had to do was run them through the serger. I’m glad I did it and now I’ll be able to keep using them rather than replacing them.

2 thoughts on “Easy Mending

  1. I have recently started mending things and although it seems like a boring thing to do it is so satisfying once you have done it! I fixed a hole in my sons football socks last week and he was so grateful. That reaction in itself was worth a boring task!!!

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