Elegant Veil

My sister got married about one month ago and I had the honor of being a part of her bridal party. It was such a special day. The best part had to be just seeing how happy my sister and her new husband were. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the day (if it were up to me), especially the way my sister looked.

My sister’s dress and hair style were rather elaborate, so when she asked me to make her veil we agreed that a simple, elegant style would be best. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of the veil on its own, but I’ll still describe how I made it. It was a simple process, but it did take some patience to complete.


I started with a rectangle of bridal illusion. For an elbow length veil, one yard was enough. I cut the bottom edge of the veil to be rounded and finished the sides and bottom with a “pencil edge”. Basically this means I used a short, close-together zigzag stitch to create a simple decorative edge. This is the part that took a lot of patience on my sewing machine. I used embroidery thread because it is a little shinier than all-purpose thread, but it kept wanting to break. It turned out beautifully, but I had to keep my cool each time the threads broke as I was stitching.

Once the edges were finished, I hand basted the top edge and then gathered it as tightly as I could. The final step was to attach the veil to two decorative combs by hand sewing them securely to the gathered edge. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture that shows the combs, but these are easy to find in stores like JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock’s or Michaels. Even though this was a relatively simple project, I was honored that my sister wanted me to make her veil. 2013-05-11_13-07-55_946


2 thoughts on “Elegant Veil

  1. Having just attended my niece’s wedding I can appreciate how special it was to make the veil. It looks beautiful and adds just the right touch to the elaborate dress. Can’t wait to see some of your other creations.

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