Sewing Room Reflection: Confidence in my own Two Hands

There are a lot of things out there that can make a person feel less confident. From social media being used as a way to shout an opinion without thinking of who it may affect, to our own personal demons telling us we’re not good enough, there is so much judgment and evaluation. It can seem almost impossible to get a break from these influences.

In my sewing room, I am reassured though. With each stitch, each seam, each step of the process, I gain confidence in my own two hands. It’s hard not to feel a little bit good about yourself when you’ve just taken some two dimensional pieces of cloth and created something new (even if that something new isn’t quite what you’d imagined).

I’m not saying that when I make a mistake I don’t feel frustrated, because I do (just ask my husband). It’s just that this sort of thing doesn’t jar my confidence in the same way as other things. I don’t feel inadequate when I’ve made a mistake.

Maybe this is because, through past experiences, I’ve learned that most mistakes can be undone or fixed. Knowing that I am both capable of making and solving problems is freeing. And isn’t freedom pretty closely related to confidence? 

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