Clover pants

I finished my Clover pants. I am really pleased overall with these pants. They are definitely the most wearable pair of real, non-pajama pants that I’ve ever made. I have a little fine-tuning to do with the fitting, but this pair is still pretty good. Before I talk about that, let’s talk about everything I loved about working with this pattern.

The illustrations in the directions are so clear and easy to understand. I had no trouble whatsoever understanding exactly what I should do each step of the way. I also love that the directions are a little booklet. It was so easy to keep track of where I was at. Beyond the directions, the pattern itself was drafted so well. I didn’t feel like I had to second guess which size to cut out since there wasn’t two or three inches of ease built into the pattern. I felt really at ease the entire time I was using this pattern because there was nothing mysterious about it.

I cut two sizes based on my measurements. I cut a 6 for the hip measurement and a 10 for the waist measurement. I ended up taking in the waist a bit, but the 6 fit well in the hips. There are two main fitting areas that need a little tweaking in the back thighs (see above) and in the front rise (see below). I think I need to do a slight swayback adjustment to fix the back. To fix the front, I need to shorten the front rise by about three quarters of an inch so that fabric doesn’t pool  where my hips bend.

The other wonderful thing about this pattern is that I already have in mind a few variations. First, I’d make a corduroy pair with front pockets, a front fly, and back patch pockets. I would probably slim these down a bit more as well since the fabric is sturdier than the RPL suiting I used here. Second, I’d like a pair made of cotton sateen. I would probably make few changes though. I also want a velveteen pair, a wool pair, a denim pair… Okay, I basically want a closet filled with pants based on this pattern.

I have to give out two grades for this project. First, I have to give the Clover pattern itself an A+. It was easy to sew and very straightforward. It also looks great and is very stylish. Second, I am giving myself an A- for construction. I know I have pretty high expectations for my sewing skills, so I need to perfect the fit and do a better job with the zipper before I give myself an A+ too. I’m sure that this wardrobe staple will get a ton of wear and I think that deserves a high grade.


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