How to: Draft a Half-Circle Wrap Skirt

One of my most popular posts has been my half-circle wrap skirt. Maybe you’ve seen it and were secretly hoping for a how-to? Well, today would be your lucky day! I have prepared instructions for how to make your own half-circle wrap skirt pattern based on your own measurements. Once you have the pattern made, the sewing process is very simple. Add waistband ties, hem the edges and you’re done.

A couple notes:

  • These are only directions for how to make the pattern. Sewing instructions are not included, but I’d be happy to answer any sewing questions in the comments.
  • I didn’t include fabric requirements because you’re basing the pattern off of your personal measurements. However, two yards of 60 inch wide fabric is a good starting point for a knee length skirt.
  • This style works well with a variety of fabric types and will really play up the natural characteristics of the fabric you choose.
  • Since the skirt is a half circle most of it will hang on the bias, (diagonal from the selvedges) so it’s a good idea to let the skirt hang for a day before you hem it. This will allow the fabric to relax and then you can straighten up your hem before you stitch it. The bias cut also means it will look great on any body.
  • Hemming a curve can be tricky. I recommend using a very narrow hem allowance or using bias tape or hem tape to help you control the fullness.

Without further ado…how to draft a half-circle wrap skirt.

Draft a Half Circle Wrap Skirt


Half-Circle Wrap Skirt

I have a new skirt to add to my wardrobe. I was in need of a project that would be a sure thing after my recent trials working with jersey knit. This project was just the ticket. It was two pieces–a half circle for the skirt and a rectangle for the waistband/ties. I’m not sure I could have chosen anything easier! Best of all, since it’s a wrap skirt that I drafted based on my own measurements I didn’t have to do any fitting or altering.

I have to be sure to mention that I haven’t forgotten about sewing the jacket for my husband. I got this fabric during our first attempt to find fabric for his project, but we didn’t find anything that was perfect. After looking around for fabric for him, I got side tracked by some fabrics for me. I wasn’t really planning on purchasing anything–I was just enjoying looking. However, Peter convinced me that I had to get the printed cotton for this skirt. He had to try really hard to convince me to buy a couple yards. (Ha!)

Design/Pattern: Half-circle wrap skirt, drafted by me based on instructions from Sew What! Skirts book


  • 2 yards of printed woven cotton (slightly heavier weight than quilting cotton, but not as heavy as twill or sateen), picked out by my husband
  • thread
  • hemming (lots & lots!)
  • stitch in the ditch (waistband)
  • stitching & turning a tube (ties)
  • buttonhole (to secure the tie at one side)
Grade: A+! Even though this project was extremely simple, I think I still deserve a perfect score for the final result. There isn’t a thing I would change about this project. The fabric is an adorable print that goes with several shirts in my wardrobe and the style is great for wearing to work. It went together without a hitch as well. What more could I ask for?