Pattern pick: Clover

I am still working on the labor of love jacket, but it’s getting so close to being done that I’m planning my next project. And after an unsuccessful day of shopping for pants, I’ve decided on Colette Pattern’s Clover pants (click the picture to head over to their website). Like most women, I have trouble finding pants that fit correctly. And like most seamstresses, I can’t stomach buying ill-fitting clothing if I know I can make it better.

I hope I’m right in this case, because I’ve never made a pair of pants (other than pj’s) that have fit perfectly. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried and I’ve learned a lot since then. Besides, the Coletterie has had a series of pants fitting tutorials that will help me immensely if I need to make major adjustments. I have high hopes for this pattern: 1) it will have a more modern fit than a Big 4 pants pattern, 2) I will be able to get a perfect fit and re-use the pattern to make several pairs of pants, 3) it will be a quick, easy project.

Now that I’ve ordered the pattern, I’ve got to decide what fabric I’ll use for the first pair. I don’t want to invest too much in the fabric for the first pair so that I don’t have to worry about working with a tricky or expensive fabric while I’m perfecting the fit. My thought right now is to find a stretch corduroy or twill. I’m also undecided on color, but that will fall into place once I decide what fabric to use. I’m looking forward to working on something new and hope you’ll stop by to see how it goes.¬†


Project Preview, 8/3/11

Hmm, what could I have up my sleeve next? What’s with the measuring tape and pencil? You’ll soon see my latest project (and this one will be a sure-fire success, unlike my last one).

PS-I salvaged the skirt pieces from my failed attempt to make this dress. I simply sewed up the sides, put in an elastic waistband and used a zig-zag stitch to finish the hem. It took more time than it was worth, but I’m putting this project in the past. Here’s a quick pic.

Project Preview, 7/18/11

This is more of a dead giveaway than a preview, so I’ll go ahead and talk a little bit about my newest sewing pursuit. This is another gift project. For my husband’s birthday present I have decided to make him a jacket. He has wanted a casual-ish jacket for awhile now, but every time he tries them on in the store he’s not happy with how they fit. He has broad shoulders, but he’s on the shorter side. It’s difficult to find tailored clothing off-the-rack that fits him. This dilemma has prompted me to make what I’m dubbing the “Labor of Love Jacket”.

¬†This jacket from Banana Republic is the inspiration for the final look. It’ll be dressy enough to wear to work and casual enough to throw on with jeans. (It won’t have that goofy double pocket though.) We haven’t picked out a fabric yet, so it might look quite different color-wise or fiber-wise when all is said and done. We have landed on a pattern to use–Vogue Patterns V2836, pictured at the top. I’m planning to need to make a few changes here and there, but I’ll describe those when I get to them. Stick around to find out what challenges arise and how I greet them! It should be an interesting process full of sewing firsts for me.

Project Preview, 7/13/11

I’m back from vacation and back to sewing. I feel pretty refreshed and was more than ready to see my sewing machine when I got back. My second errand after unpacking was to go to the fabric store (the first errand was going to the grocery store–it’s not good to sew on an empty stomach). So, what do I have up my sleeve? You’ll have to check back in a day or two to find out!

PS–I have a monumental project coming up that you’ll want to see. It’ll be a first for me and I have a feeling I’m going to learn a lot and have a lot to share about the experience.