Labor of Love Jacket: Part 8

Ahh! That’s my sigh of relief that I finally finished the Labor of Love Jacket for Peter. There were times when I felt like I’d be working on this project forever, but I finished and I’m pretty happy with the final result. Take a look…

I’m almost at a loss as to what I should say about the jacket now that it’s done. I guess I should start with the good stuff. I am pretty impressed with the fit of the jacket. I think the proportions look just right on Peter. (He’s so handsome.)

There are just a couple little things that I wish had turned out better on the jacket. There are a few wrinkles and puckers here and there that are not a big deal, but will probably bug me a little whenever I look at the jacket.

If I were to make another jacket I would do a few things differently based on what I learned in the process. The main thing I would change is how I went about interfacing the collar and lapels. I used the tailoring directions in the instructions and from Gertie, but I don’t think it was the most effective on this corduroy fabric. It was also frustrating to me to spend time doing all that hand sewing and see little results.  (Just as an aside, I didn’t think I would ever want to make another jacket for Peter when I was in the process, but now that I’m done I think I might like to just so that I can improve on the first one.)

I’m not sure if I can give the jacket a grade. The level of difficulty of the project was far beyond what I usually tackle. With that in mind, I think I should be proud of what I made. On the other hand, I can’t help but notice the little bits that aren’t quite perfect. If I had to assign a grade to the Labor of Love jacket I would give it a B. It’s above average, but there is room for improvement.