Sewing Room Reflection: Sharing Joy

Sewing is usually a solo activity for me. I get my sewing room set up for whatever project I’m working on, turn on the music I’m in the mood for, and I start creating. The vast majority of the time I’m sewing by myself because, out of my husband and I, I’m the only one who sews. To be perfectly honest, I like it this way. I don’t have to share my sewing machines, notions or fabric stash with anyone else.

The problem is, though, when you enjoy something as much as I enjoy sewing, you naturally want to share that joy with others. It’s probably best not to call something this positive a problem! It may be a challenge to find opportunities for sharing the love of creating through sewing, especially if you’re like me and mostly gravitate towards sewing items for your own wardrobe.

I was very fortunate to have one such opportunity this past week when my good friend, Katie, was in town. When we were planning her visit, I threw out a few different ideas for ways to spend time together and, on a whim, suggested doing a sewing project together. I was so glad when she liked that idea! From going to the fabric store to snipping the final thread, Katie and I had a wonderful day.

Katie chose to make a simple camisole top. Here’s her finished shirt:

photo (10)

(I made a project too, but I’ll do a full post on that soon.)

The best part of choosing to spend her visit doing a project together was seeing the happiness on Katie’s face when she had her camisole finished. I have sewn so many different things in the past that the joy of seeing what I’ve made is muted, but Katie’s joy became my own when I saw how excited she was about what she’d made. My enjoyment of sewing was multiplied by sharing it with a friend.

This is a beautiful cycle, I think, and it can apply to almost any area of interest. Share or give away what you love and it always seems to come back to you in a greater measure. How do you share your enjoyment of sewing? When have you experienced something similar?

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