Reader’s Thoughts: Sheer fabrics

As I’m sure many of you know, buying fabric online can be risky. Often, I find that risk worth taking. I recently ordered a couple of fabrics for summer dresses. One of the fabrics was just what I was hoping for (more soon on that), but the other is more sheer than I was expecting. Here it is:




I love the print, and this fabric is so soft and smooth. I’m planning on making Simplicity 1808, view A, but I’m not sure what to do about the sheerness of this fabric. Do I underline it? If so, what would you use to underline a sheer knit? Or do I just wear a full slip with it? Are there other solutions I’m not thinking of? So far, these are the pros and cons of underlining it versus wearing a slip that I’ve thought of.

Pros of underlining: No need to worry about whether the slip is clean; I can just throw on the dress and go.

Cons of underlining: I won’t be able to feel the smooth softness of this fabric against my skin. An underlining might make the dress feel less cool, breezy and comfortable.

Pros of wearing a slip: I’ll be able to finish constructing the dress more quickly. A slip can be worn with many dresses, making it an economical choice.

Cons of wearing a slip: It might not be clean when I want to wear the dress. Depending on the style of slip, it can be constricting or uncomfortable, making wearing a comfy knit dress pointless.


So, I ask for your thoughts: Which solution would you choose? Why is that your preference?

And a somewhat related topic: Do you have a favorite type of knit fabric to work with? What is it that you like about it? Where do you find it?

4 thoughts on “Reader’s Thoughts: Sheer fabrics

  1. I vote for a knit slip. I think they are a great solution. I have been stockpiling patterns for knit and woven slips for a couple of years now. I have only made one, bias-cut cotton batiste and I love wearing it but the neckline cut is not good for the neckline of the dress I made it for.

    What if you made one in those underwear knits? Not sure what they are called…

    Also, sheers are so in fashion now, it’s insane. Go for it!

  2. After my experience of attempting to underline a sheer dress I would say SLIP! I find sheer fabrics hard enough to cut accurately so matching up the fashion fabric and the underlining was like climbing Everest!

  3. I agree with the above comments. I think it would be too difficult to try to underline the sheer fabric and get it to hang right.

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