Minimalist Kimono Wrap

I have been in need of a summer bathrobe for quite some time. In the winter I use a big, fluffy white robe that goes down to my ankles, but that just doesn’t do in the heat. I opted for a short, kimono-style wrap to do the trick instead. It’s so comfortable that I have been wearing as lounge wear as well.

When I was deciding what style and pattern to use for my robe, I knew I wanted a quick project with few seams and very little fabric waste. I came up with a simple measure-and-cut pattern that wastes only a few fabric trimmings. It’s a very minimalist style and I think it would be just as wonderful made in terry cloth or flannel as it is in the cotton sweater knit I chose. If you’re interested in me making a tutorial for this design, please say so in the comments. If there is enough interest, I’ll be happy to share my process.

Design/Pattern: my own minimalist kimono wrap

Materials: 2 yards of cotton sweater knit, thread, bias binding


  • serged seams
  • bias bound edges

Alterations/Changes: I made the pattern to my own specifications, so I didn’t need any alterations. However, I would love a longer version in flannel for the fall.

This robe does just what it needs to and was easy to make too. I’ve been wrapping up in it in the evenings as I watch the Olympics, so in the spirit of the Olympic games, I’m giving this robe a gold medal.

4 thoughts on “Minimalist Kimono Wrap

  1. My search is over. Can you send me your pattern and instructions by email and how much would it cost? I just want a simple kimono that does not have gigantic sleeves and uses minimal yardage. I want to make it in fleece for winter and cotton or sweater knit for warmer days. Will this work for those fabric types? Would appreciate a fast reply as there are great sales going on for fabrics right now that ends on January 31st! Many, many thanks.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the complements on my wrap. I made mine from a sweater knit, with shorter sleeves, so that it was perfect for warding off the evening chill in the summer months. I think it’s super comfortable. With longer sleeves, it would be great in fleece or flannel for the winter, depending on how warm you want it to be. I didn’t have a paper pattern for this project. I could email you some more photos of the process if you’d like to try to replicate what I did. Reply back and I’d be happy to get them to you. Good luck with the fabric sales! I hope you find something just right.

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