Transition to Spring Wardrobe Plan

I was so lucky to receive wonderful sewing-related gifts this year, including a couple of sewing books, notions, tools and fabric gift certificates. Normally, I don’t buy fabric with a plan in mind for coordinating each project I am making, but since I was able to get so much fabric at once with the help of the gifts I decided to make a coordinated mini-wardrobe. I have been particularly inspired by the spring wardrobes shown on some of my favorite sewing blogs.

Spring 2011 in Chicago

Spring in my corner of the country can be a little hit or miss; it tends to be pretty wintry with a few spring-like days until it’s suddenly summery. For this reason, I wanted my mini wardrobe to help me make the odd transition between winter and summer. For this “season” I’ll need warm clothes that can be layered, but that also remind me that warmer days are on the way.

This is the fabric that inspired my palette:

Isn’t it great? It’s a silk/wool blend that I found on

This is my mini wardrobe palette:

I used this tool on Colour Lovers to identify each color that I wanted to be a part of my wardrobe palette. After that, I looked for fabrics that fit into my palette.

My palette is filled with classic colors and combinations: red & navy, navy & gold, cornflower blue & cream. All the colors have a somewhat muted hue, which I think lends the palette some modernity while maintaining its classic feel. I am very excited about all of the projects in my mini wardrobe, which includes a dress, jacket, skirt and two tops. I’ll be sharing each of these one by one. I hope you’ll check back soon to see my progress.

5 thoughts on “Transition to Spring Wardrobe Plan

  1. The colors are perfect for you and will still go with summer and fall colors for a article of clothing that will be wearable most of the year.

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