Labor of Love Jacket: Part 7

Step by step, the jacket is getting closer to being completed. With the body of the coat completed, it was time to add the collar and the sleeves. After that, the shell of the jacket was done!

I didn’t follow the directions for attaching the collar, which means I had to do it twice. The original directions are for a traditional men’s jacket collar, which has a felt under collar. It’s a lot more work and more hand sewing, and it doesn’t fit the casual style of this jacket. Once I figured this out, I had to re-cut the collar and start over. First, I steamed the under collar along the roll line instead of padstitching it. Then I sewed the upper and under collars together and attached them along the neckline. And that was that.

The next step was the sleeves. This was an unusually complicated process because of the vents. It was my first time attempting this style of sleeve. First, I had to interface the edge, turn up the hem and miter the corners of the vent. Then, I had to hand sew the hem and the vent closed. It doesn’t sound complicated in words, but the instructions didn’t include great drawings to help me make sense of it all. I got it done though, and I think they look fantastic.

Finally, the sleeves were sewn to the jacket body. They look a little puckered in the photo because I haven’t put shoulder pads in yet. After the sleeves were in, Peter put on the jacket right away to check the fit. The fit is great and we’re both getting very excited to see the finished jacket. Next, I’ll be working on the lining. Stick around–it won’t be much longer until it’s done!

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