Labor of Love Jacket: Part 5

Don’t worry, I’m still here. I had to take a bit of a break from blogging because I just have had a rather busy October so far. When I’ve had some sewing time, I’ve devoted it to working on the jacket instead of writing about it. Now that things are slowing up just a bit, I should have more time to sew and to write about what I’m sewing. Hooray!

My latest progress to report was actually a fairly simple part of the process in comparison to rest of what I’ve done. I simply had to assemble the back of the jacket and attach it to the front and sides. The only part that took a bit of work was the back vents. I changed the pattern from having one vent at the center back to having two vents, one on each side of the back. It wasn’t difficult. It was simply a matter of doing the same steps twice instead of once. I think it looks pretty nice too.

I know that isn’t much to tell about, but it seems significant because the fabric is starting to take the shape of a jacket. It’s becoming three dimensional. I’ll have much more to tell soon about my adventures in tailoring!

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