SSS: 9/22, 9/23, 9/26 & 9/28

I’m in the last week of Self-Stitched September, and I have to be honest that I’ll be a little bit glad when it’s done. I started off with a lot more enthusiasm for this little challenge than I’m feeling right now. I’ve started to repeat outfits, so there’s really nothing new here. It might be put together a little differently though because it’s been chilly and rainy the last several days.

Thursday, September 22nd: Here’s my black and white jacket layered over a dress and accessorized with a gray scarf. The weather has been consistently chilly and a bit rainy, so I’ve been throwing on scarves with just about every outfit. This, to me, is a sign that fall is here and summer is over.

  • Jacket: Simplicity 3628, made in May 2011
  • Dress: purchased from Ann Taylor Loft (a lovely, unexpected gift from my sister)
  • Scarf: purchased from Target
Friday, September 23rd: I didn’t manage to get a picture of me wearing this, but I do have a great story. During one of my classes, I heard some girls whispering. I asked them what was going on and they said they liked my “wardrobe”–they actually used the word wardrobe. I thanked them and plugged the stitch club I co-lead at school by saying that they should come so that they could learn to make their own clothes. It actually worked too! I got several more girls to sign up for the club. Our first meeting is next week, so I hope they are still interested by then.
  • Scarf: Another lovely gift from my sister
  • Dress: Simplicity 2365, made in August 2010
Monday, September 26th: This dress is another repeat for the month. It’s just so comfy. Unlike earlier in the month, I had to put on tights to keep my legs warm. (And you can see the waistband bunched up in the photo. It looks so tacky, but I honestly didn’t realize it until I was editing the picture. Another side note–I have started to notice that by the end of the day when I normally take these pictures I don’t stand up as straight as I should.)
  • Dress: Built by Wendy sheath dress pattern with modifications, made in February 2011
Wednesday, September 28th: This dress got me another compliment from students. They said I should be a designer and sell my dresses for $24.99. I laughed to myself when they said that. Everyone who sews knows that their work is worth much more than that! I didn’t tell them that though. I just reminded them that if I was a designer I wouldn’t be their awesome Spanish teacher.
  • Cardigan: purchased from Lands’ End
  • Dress: my design, made in May/June 2011
  • Tights: purchased from Marshall’s

2 thoughts on “SSS: 9/22, 9/23, 9/26 & 9/28

  1. Well done to you for sticking this out! I love the stories from school and the comments from the girls. Hopefully you will inspire a few more of them to take up sewing…they´ll thank you for it in a few years! Didn´t realise you were a Spanish teacher…cold have done with your help about six years ago when I met Big Man 🙂

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