SSS: 9/12, 9/13 & 9/14

I’m getting to the point in this challenge where near the end of my handmade options. There are still a few things that I really like that I haven’t worn yet and there are a few that I’ve “saved” until the end because they aren’t my favorites. The last three days have been a mix of the two.

Monday, September 12th: This dress falls into the category of handmade clothes that I love. I put of lot of time and thought into making this dress and even entered it in a sewing contest (and came in as a runner-up). I love the style and fabric. However, I don’t think I look the best in it when I see photographs–I look short and stout. Oh well, I can live with that.

  • Dress: my design, made in May/June 2011
Tuesday, September 13th: This top was a time consuming project even though it is a very simple pattern. I decided to do some embroidery around the hem, which took longer than it did to actually sew the shirt. I think it turned out pretty cute though. I especially like to wear this shirt under a cardigan during the winter.
  • Top: Simplicity 3835, made in October 2010
  • Pants: purchased from Kohls (I think)
Wednesday, September 14th: I had to cut my head out of this picture because I was making a horrible face and the picture is still less-than attractive because I’m really slouching. I didn’t realize I was until I looked at it later. I was just home from a rather long day at school when I took it, so I’m sure I was beat. The dress itself goes back and forth between one I like a lot and one I don’t. Sometimes I think the shape of the skirt it too triangular and makes me wonder if I should shorten the dress into a tunic or top. Either way, it’s comfortable and I really love the color. It’s so vibrant.
  • Dress: See & Sew B5065, made in winter 2009
  • Tights: purchased from Target (probably)
PS: I’m sorry there haven’t been any other sewing posts this month. I really haven’t had the chance to do any sewing in September. There was one evening where I did about an hour of sewing, but there is nothing to show for it yet. Hopefully, I’ll get back into sewing this weekend though.

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