SSS: 9/8, 9/9 & 9/11

Life was busy towards the end of last week and this weekend. I had to stay late at school on Thursday for back to school night. (It’s a night where parents come in and meet the teachers.) Friday was a whirlwind evening for me and it definitely shows in the picture I took. On Saturday I didn’t wear anything I made except for carrying my usual purse. Sunday was all about getting ready for the week to come.

Thursday, September 8th: I needed to be comfortable because I knew that the day would be long, but I also had to look professional to meet students’ parents. I also try to look older, if possible, on these days because I’ve been mistaken for a student before, which is quite embarrassing.

  • Skirt: half-circle wrap, made in August 2011
  • Top: purchased from Lands’ End
  • Jacket: purchased from JCPenney (a loooong time ago!)

Friday, September 9th: I love this dress and always get compliments on it (on Friday I was compared to Mary Tyler Moore and Jackie Onassis Kennedy), even more so when people find out I’ve made it. This always amazes me because it’s one of the simplest dresses I’ve ever made. It is just three pieces and there are no zippers or buttons or embellishments. As much as I love this dress, I do not love this photo of me wearing it. I was in a rush to get out of the house, my slip was bunched up under the dress, I was taking the picture out of obligation rather than desire and I think all of this shows in the picture.

  • Dress: my design, made in August 2010
  • Belt: purchased from ?

Sunday, September 11th: Again, please excuse the lackluster quality of the photo. I took the picture late in the evening when there was no natural light and had to lighten the picture a lot in order to show the details of the outfit. You can see somewhat better pictures of this tunic here. I was all about town in this outfit and I think it’s the perfect outfit for a busy day. It looks just as appropriate at the farmer’s market as it does at brunch.

  • Dress/Tunic: Simplicity 2365, made in August 2010
  • Leggings: purchased from Forever 21 (my least favorite store, for the record)


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