SSS: Labor Day Weekend

It has been harder than I thought it would be to get a quick snapshot of my outfit each day. I hope to get in a better habit this week, but for now we’ll have to settle for Dora modeling my weekend outfits.

Friday, September 2nd: It was hot, hot, hot on Friday and I work in a non air-conditioned school. I just wanted to be as cool as possible. This outfit lacks excitement, but it kept me pretty comfortable.

Top: purchased from Land’s End
Skirt: elastic waist skirt made from ruined dress in July 2011


Saturday, September 3rd: I was in South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame versus USF football game. (If you follow college football, you’ll know what I mean when I say it was an exciting day!) I wanted to support the team, so I wore an ND t-shirt and shorts, but I also carried this purse.

Purse: my own design, made in May 2011

 Sunday, September 4th: The weather patterns changed and it was nice and cool on Sunday. I wore a dress with a jacket over it.

Dress: purchased from Loft (I know it looks like the skirt from Friday, but I promise it’s not.)
Jacket: Vogue 8480 (out of print), made in 2008? (before I was blogging or documenting my sewing, so I’m just guessing)

Monday, September 5th: Finally, a picture of me! Today was chilly and fall-like and I loved it. I wore jeans, my black Sorbetto tank top and a white cardigan. It was simple and easy for the last day of my three day weekend.

Pants: jeans purchased from Kohls
Top: black Sorbetto, made in August 2011
Cardigan: purchased from Land’s End



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