Quickest project ever: Yoga bag

I made a yoga bag in under one hour. That is probably a record of some kind, at least for me. I had class at 6, needed to leave at 5:45 and at 5:00 I had just finished cutting out the fabric for this project. By 5:45 I had the bag finished and I had also managed to prep dinner so that Peter could throw it in the oven while I was gone. I felt like super woman!

I have to admit that I did take a few shortcuts though. I pinked the seams instead of doing a French seam or zig-zagging them. I also didn’t press anything. Oh, and I didn’t make the shoulder strap or a drawstring. Even though I didn’t put it through my usual perfectionist-level finishing, I am really happy with it. My yoga mat fits perfectly and the colors match the bag. It’s easy to carry and it makes me feel pretty happy. So, I’ve decided to let myself off the hook for taking so many shortcuts.

Design/Pattern: My own/Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter. I used her dimensions for the main portion of the bag and her instructions for creating a casing at the top. The rest I figured out based on my materials and time constraints.


  • A remnant piece from JoAnn fabrics given to me by my mother-in-law who also sews and very kindly passes along bits of this and that.
  • A purple shoulder strap re-purposed from a purse that I didn’t use much.
  • white thread
  • A drawstring that I’ve yet to purchase and put in

Techniques: Sewing a straight seam. Seriously, that’s all I did.

Grade: I don’t deserve it, but I’m giving myself an A. My new yoga mat bag does what I need it to and it took very little effort on my part. Sometimes, an easy A is just what I need.

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