Self-stitched September

Have you heard of “Self-stitched September” (or its siblings Me-Made March and Me-Made May)? I’ve heard of it and seen a few other sewing bloggers set themselves to this challenge. If it’s new to you, basically, you pledge to wear handmade items during the month of September and share your wares (or wears) through a blog, Flickr or whatnot. You can read more about it here, where it seems to have originated.

I’m thinking about participating for the first time. To figure out what my challenge parameters would be and whether I need to make a few things to be ready, I did a little assessment of my handmade wardrobe. One thing of particular importance is that my handmade outfits all need to be work-appropriate since I’ll be back to school in September. These are the garments in my self-stitched wardrobe that are work-appropriate.

I have 5 tops–two white, two black and one gray. The tops I’ve made are all rather basic and somewhat boring. I may need one or two more with some more personality and color to make it through the month.

I have 6 dresses/tunics that are school-appropriate. I will make good use of most of these dresses throughout the month. The only one that may not make into rotation is the pink one simply because it’s a couple years old and the fit isn’t the best anymore because I’ve learned a lot about fitting since making it. All in all, dresses will probably be my favorite thing to throw on when I’m looking for a self-stitched outfit because there is no need to look for coordinating separates.

My skirt count comes in at a respectable 8. I have the most variety in self-made skirts. I didn’t realize this until I had them all pulled out of my closet. I actually only have one skirt that I didn’t make. I see the most potential for variety coming from pairing these skirts with different tops.

I also have 2 jackets that I can throw on over other items to complete an outfit. The tan jacket is lightweight and unlined, which will make it easy to wear on warmer days. The black and white jacket will be perfect if there are chilly days when I need to layer to keep warm.

The last detail to consider for this challenge is what my parameters will be. My initial thought is to wear at least one handmade garment Monday through Friday through the month of September. I don’t think I can make complete outfits for everyday of the month using only things I’ve made, but I think I can manage one piece a day. My hope by doing this is not to show off what I have made or to make some sort of statement about wearing handmade clothes. My hope is that it’ll inspire others to pick up some fabric and give sewing for themselves a try. I especially want more students where I teach to give it a try by joining the stitch club that I help facilitate.



3 thoughts on “Self-stitched September

  1. I´ve seen this challenge on other blogs and am most admiring of people that can achieve it! I love that flowery skirt print by the way – really gorgeous. Good luck with the challenge and looking forward to seeing how you do.

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