Simple Sleep Set

When I was younger I never used to worry about whether what I wore to bed matched. Now, strangely, I do seem to care. Or at least I can use that as an excuse to make cute, matching pajama sets. This set was super simple to whip up and it’s comfy to boot.

(Note: I was a little nervous to put pictures of myself in my pajamas online, but I think these are pretty modest pajamas. I don’t want anyone creepy lurking around here. I’m going to trust that my wonderful readers are not the creepy type.)

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this project. It gave me something to do while I try to avoid doing work to get ready for the school year as long as I can. I’ll use this set a lot, I’m sure, because it’s comfortable and cool. The other good thing about this set is that if you are admiring it and wishing you had one too, you can have one too. Both of the patterns were free online.

Design/Pattern: The bottoms are Colette Patterns Mini Madeleine Bloomers (free pattern here, profiled by me here, listed in the sewing directory here). The top is based on the Super Simple Nightie tutorial from Sew Mama Sew (tutorial here, profiled by me here, listed in the sewing directory here).


  • less than 1 yard of black lightweight woven cotton (it could be lawn, voile or batiste, but the label didn’t specify)
  • black thread
  • an old pink T-shirt that I didn’t wear any more
  • elastic thread (for shirring)
  • French seams
  • Shirring with elastic thread
  • Instead of using elastic and ribbon in the waistband and leg openings of the bloomers, I used elastic thread in the bobbin to shirr the edges. I did this to simplify the pattern a bit and use materials that I already had on hand.
  • I made the main part of the tank top by cutting off the bottom of an old T-shirt instead of using a gathered rectangle of fabric. I also made an overlapped, slanted band around the chest. The overlap allows a little more freedom of movement.
Grade: This project required a minimal amount of effort and resulted in a comfortable, adorable sleep set, so I give this project a B+. It’s above average in the construction, but I wasn’t challenged either. I guess I’m saving up my desire to be challenged until I finally get fabric for my husband’s jacket so I can get started. (I’m still waiting for fabric swatches to arrive.)

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