Licorice Sorbetto

I took my own advice and finally made myself a little top from the free Sorbetto Top pattern from Colette Patterns. I did make a couple minor tweaks to the pattern, but overall this was another quick, easy project to complete. I picked up some lightweight black cotton from the remnant section of Vogue Fabrics about a month back. At the time it was a back-up fabric for the Black Tulip Dress. I knew that if I didn’t use it for that I would have no problem finding an appropriate use for it. And I did.

A basic black top is a wardrobe staple that I was in need of. I wanted a piece that I could wear on its own or layer under a cardigan when it cools off. The Sorbetto Top is perfect for this because it has the little pleat detail on the front to make it cute enough on its own, but it’s not so embellished that it’s hard to layer. The one thing I changed about the pleat is that I didn’t stitch it all the way from neckline to navel. I stopped level with the bust darts to give the top a more A-line shape. The other change I had to make was a fitting change. When I finished it up I found that the armholes were too snug to be comfortable and caused the shirt to pull and pucker. I simply trimmed off the bias binding and sewed new on. This made the shoulder straps narrower, but not too much. And it fixed the pulling I was getting before.

Design/Pattern: Colette Patterns Sorbetto Top with a minor modification of the center front pleat


  • approximately 1 yard of black lightweight woven cotton (it could be lawn, voile or batiste, but the label didn’t specify)
  • black thread
  • making and applying bias binding
  • pleat
  • bust darts
  • narrow hem
  • French seams
Grade: This is a hard one to grade. There is nothing wrong with it, but there’s also not a lot to get excited about (except for the fact that the pattern was free). I guess I give it a B+. It’s a basic top that I’ll wear plenty, and a versatile basic is always a good thing to have. The construction of it is very neat and polished too. (Funny story–I didn’t notice for about an hour that I put it on inside out after I had tried on a dress in a dressing room while I was out shopping.)

2 thoughts on “Licorice Sorbetto

  1. Have seen this top quite a lot now on various blogs and the sleeve issue seems to be quite common. Downloaded the pattern last night, so will take this into account – yours looks really lovely!

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