LBD for Dora, Nada for Me

I have good news and bad news. Good news first. I made a cover for my dress form. Dora is the name of my dress form and her new cover is black. I’m calling her cover her “little black dress”. If Dora weren’t an inanimate object I’m sure that would make her feel more glamorous. It was hard to photograph an all black dress form against a white wall, so the pictures aren’t the most stunning. Here are a few of Dora modeling her new LBD anyway.

Now for the bad news. I ruined a project that I had been waiting and waiting to make. Once I saw Casey make this dress, I had to make one for myself too. Preferably in red. I started looking for fabric and finally decided on a super soft, thin, drapey red knit from I ordered the fabric and then I waited some more. I wasn’t about to buy a pattern for almost $20 dollars when I didn’t even spend that much on the fabric. It took almost another month before the Vogue patterns went on sale at my local Hancock’s. Once I had gotten everything I needed for this dress I had a couple of projects that I was in the midst of that had to be finished first.

Long story short, today, almost a month and a half after first planning to make this dress, I finally got started. And promptly ruined the dress. As you can see from the picture below, I snipped into the fabric. The snip is front and center on the midriff of the dress. I don’t have enough fabric to re-cut the pieces and start over and I can’t think of any way of patching up the snip that wouldn’t look gaudy or unnatural.

I’m heartbroken right now, but I know it won’t end up being a total loss. I’ll still be able to make up a cute, red skirt with the remaining pieces. When I have recovered from my disappointment, I will probably buy more fabric and attempt this dress again. At the present moment though, I feel pretty dejected and wish I could go back in time to undo my error.


5 thoughts on “LBD for Dora, Nada for Me

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